Battery Modular Connector

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K.S. TERMINALS started out as an OEM for electrical terminals and eventually branched out into lighting systems, communication components, automotive connectors, green energy connectors, wiring accessories and application tools. Through strict quality control, standardized procedure, robotized manufacturing process, and fast automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS), KST aims to provide the best quality, fastest delivery, and most satisfactory service for global customers.


Product specification

10~30 Amp Series

75 Amp Series


AMP Series Housings Contacts Current Rating
10 ~ 30 Amp Series BMC 1S BMC 1AG 15
BMC 2AG 30
75 Amp Series BMC 1M BMC 5AG 50
BMC 8AG 60
BMC 14AG 75

50~350 Amp Series [2P]


AMP Series Housings Contacts Current Rating
50 Amp Series BMC 2S BMC 5AG 35
BMC 8AG 45
BMC 14AG 50
120 Amp Series BMC 2MS BMC MS14AG 80
BMC MS22AG 100
BMC MS38AG 120
175 Amp Series BMC 2M BMC 22AG 125
BMC 38AG 150
BMC 60AG 175
350 Amp Series BMC 2L BMC 150AG 350



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