70ST5 SeriesSquare Profile Signal Tower Light


  • An economical model that transmits five colors of signals with one stage
    of a square tower light
  • High-brightness LED light sources provide excellent visibility even in dark places
  • Aluminum square profile makes the appearance beautiful
  • Color and buzzer indicating the condition or danger of the machine
  • LED Color : red, yellow, green, blue, white
  • Rated voltage : AC110 ~ 220V / DC24V
  • Power consumption : 16W
  • Indicating operation : Steady / Flashing
  • Sound: buzzer sound < intermittent or continuous sound / volume 1m Max. 90dB at 1m
  • Materials : Body [Al] / Bracket [ABS] / Lens [PC] / Pole [Al]
  • Operating Temperature : -20℃ ~ 70℃ (freezing free)


  1. Product SIZE (mm) : 70 x 70mm
  2. Product name : Signal Tower Light
  3. LED Lamp Color : 5 Color (R,Y,G,B,W)
  4. Rated voltage : AC110 ~ 220V / DC24V
  5. Indicating operation : ON :Steady / OF : Flashing

Product specifications


A signal tower is installed on a machine or at a work site to inform workers of the machine status or risks using colored lights and buzzers. Unlike existing tower lamps that send a signal with the lens color for the work environment, it enables users to recognize the signal intuitively and clearly using a system that can change the color of the LED itself.

  • Size : 70 X 70 LED Steady / Flashing signal tower
  • Audible Option : Buzzer
  • Lens Color : Transparent
  • LED Color : Red (R) ●   Yellow (Y) ●   Green (G) ●   Blue (B) ●    White (W) ○
  • LED color can be changed according to the user’s work environment, and it can be configured by selecting the connection method of the Steady and Flashing buzzer


Size(W X L X H) 70mm x 70mm x 283mm
Mounting Size 60.8mm x 60.8mm
Mounting hole Ø4.5
Voltage AC100 ~ 240V / DC24V
Power consumption 16W
Volume Max. 90dB at 1m
Mounting Type Bracket / Nut Type


■ Accessories
Bracket Type Nut Type





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