led 아이콘  AUP – BPanel Mounted Speaker

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  • Although it is small in size, it makes a clear, high capacity sound
  • A panel style buzzer and alarm made with 4 channels. Users can choose the tones based on the channel selection
  • Clear and fine sound in 8 harmonies
  • Users can control 5 types of melodies and 7 types of buzzers according to the selected combination
  • Volume control is provided on the reverse side of the product
  • Volume can be adjusted on the back of the product
  • Max. 90dB
  • Material : ABS
  • Operating Temperature : -25℃ ~ 50℃




Product specifications
  • Audible tones can be changed with the DIP switch in the product and external channel sockets
  • Volume can be adjusted by lightly turning the dial with a flat head head screwdriver
◎ AUP-B Panel Mounted Speaker
MODEL Audible Option Voltage Current Weight
Channel Tone Volume
AUP-B A1 Melody(AM)
Dip switches 2,3,4 on
Turkish March Max. 90dB AC110V/220V compatible 0.5(A) 272g
A2 Piano Sonatas
A3 Home Sweet Home
A4 Fur Elise
A1 Buzzer(AB)
Dip switches 1,2 on
beep ~ beep ~ beep DC12V/24V compatible 1.2(A) 184g
A2 Ding Dong
A3 beep-ee
A4 beep beep beep beep


Audible Option Specification Table

◎It can be changed to use DIP switch and input pin channel adjustment, depending on the user’s selection.

DIP / SW adjustment Input Pin
A1 A2 A3 A4
dip Switch


Ding Dong DangPiano SonatasThe Magic FluteHome Sweet Home
dip Switch


Ding DongTelephone bellbeep beep peepDing Dong Dang
dip Switch


The Magic FlutePiano SonatasFur EliseTelephone bell
dip Switch


Piano SonatasTurkish MarchHome Sweet HomeThe Magic Flute
dip Switch


Fur EliseTurkish MarchHome Sweet Homebeep beep beep beep
dip Switch

NO.1,2 ON

beep ~ beep ~ beepDing Dongbeep-eebeep beep beep beep
dip Switch

NO.1,3 ON

The Magic FluteFur EliseTurkish MarchHome Sweet Home
dip Switch

NO.1,4 ON

The Magic FluteHome Sweet HomeTelephone bellDing Dong Dang
dip Switch

NO.2,3 ON

The Magic FluteTurkish MarchPiano Sonatasbeep beep beep beep
dip Switch

NO.2,4 ON

Home Sweet HomeThe Magic FluteTurkish MarchDing Dong
dip Switch

NO.3,4 ON

The Magic FluteHome Sweet HomeDing DongTelephone bell
dip Switch

NO.1,2,3 ON

Fur EliseHome Sweet HomeThe Magic FlutePiano Sonatas
dip Switch

NO.1,2,4 ON

The Magic FluteTurkish MarchHome Sweet Homebeep ~ beep ~ beep
dip Switch

NO.1,3,4 ON

The Magic FlutePiano SonatasHome Sweet HomeDing Dong Dang
dip Switch

NO.2,3,4 ON

Turkish MarchPiano SonatasHome Sweet HomeFur Elise
dip Switch

NO.1,2,3,4 ON

Piano SonatasThe Magic FluteFur EliseTurkish March
Technical Diagram
Circuit Diagram
How to Use TR and SSR
TR 및 SSR 사용방법
Contact Type Circuit

Transistor Contact-free Relay
Type NPN Transistor (2SC & 2SD) Current output-type for DC load (open collector)
Withstand Voltage Vc 〉 12V
Current Capacity IC 〉 10mA (10mA or more)
Leakage Current ICBD 〉 0.1mA (0.1mA or lower)
Allowable Voltage VAST 〈 1V (1V or lower)



UL 제품소개