Working Light

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  • LED Working Light
  • LED lamp is mounted on the head
  • Bellows are connected to the headlamp for flexible movement
  • Use of neodium magnet with strong magnetic force
  • There are two basic wire type and rechargeable type

The work light can be used by fixing it to the required position in the field by using powerful neodium magnets and bellows. Especially, it can be used by increasing the concentration of work in the case of ships, milling, and tapping that require precision work, and it can be used in general real life as a reading lamp. It can be easily turned on and off by using the power button attached to the head, and it is available as a basic type and a rechargeable type, so you can use it according to the location.



  1. ① Product name : Working Light
  2. ② Product Type : A220 : Basic / C : Rechargeable

Product specifications

  • Color : Blue
  • LED Color : White
  • Illuminance (at 20cm): 1400lux
  • Operating Temperature : -10℃ ~ 60℃
  • Input voltage : AC220V (50/60 Hz)
Product Type Basic Rechargeable
Model SG-WL-A220 SG-WL-C
Size(mm)Including bellows Head Ø43mm /Length 525mm Head Ø43mm /Length 525mm
Input voltage AC220V(50/60Hz) 18650 3.7V 2600Ah
Power Consumption 4W Below 3.5W
Weight(g) 172g 190g
Charging time/continuous use time 3hours / 5hours




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