Excellent radiant effect achieved using special vacuum metallizing reflector together with high luminance LED.For melody type, different sounds can be applied to each of up to 4 layers. Select melodies of Piano Sonata, Magic Flute, Fur Elise, Turkish March , and Home Sweet Home.

Square Profile Signal Tower Light

The signal Light is made of aluminum profile and equipped with a system that changes the color of the LED itself without a separate stage.

LED Signal Tower Light

The use of a special vacuum evaporation treatment reflector along with high-brightness LED provides excellent divergence effect, and the lens and the interior are integrated into an integrated structure for convenient maintenance.

Ether Net Signal Tower Light

The Ethernet signal tower lamp can be controlled by connecting the Internet or LAN, used for remote control, and controlled by a web browser or an application on a computer.

Device Net Signal Tower Light

It is convenient for installation and maintenance by connecting directly to the network without a separate devicenet dedicated l/O terminal, saving installation space and reducing the number of wiring.

USB Signal Tower Light

USB Signal tower connected to the USB port and controlled by program on a PC, all signals and power are supplied together through a single USB cable

Connector Type Signal Tower Light

Connector Type Signal Tower Light With M12 PIN Cable

AUT-40 Series

40mm diameter slim appearance LED steady/flicker signal tower light. High-brightness LEDs ae placed in 4 directions and the radiation effect is excellent by using a transparent PC cover.