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Greetingceo JEON SANGBIN

“Develop a product to reduce the inconvenience of electricians”

We promise to provide you with the highest quality products based on trust.

We, Segi Biz, managed with the support and love of our customers, are striving to achieve advancement in line with the 21st century starting with our first export to Toyota in 2006.In addition, we are striving for continuous R&D, such as establishing an affiliated research institute for better new technology, and researching so that we can approach it more intimately away from the image of hard electricity. In order to provide the best service that customers are satisfied with, we are conducting online consultation on the website, and in operating the shopping mall, we have opened a dialogue window with 1:1 customers, so we ask for your interest and use. We will show firsthand how we always strive to become a company that prioritizes product quality and customer service. We will provide the best service with all our employees with great care to become the No. 1 company that rewards customer satisfaction.

Send one’s deep sense of thank you for visiting the Segibiz



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