The Start Of The SEGIBIZ

A company preparing for the future! SegiBiz Co., Ltd.

SegiBiz Co., Ltd. was established as Segi Electric in 1991 and is a company that produces electrical products such as junction boxes, LEDs, and power distributors. It has continued to grow through product development and quality improvement.

In order to provide the best service that satisfies our customers, we are conducting online consultations on the Segi Biz website, and we have opened a 1:1 dialogue window with customers when operating a shopping mall, so we ask for your interest and use. We will show you how we always strive to become a company that prioritizes product quality and customer service. All SegiBiz employees will work hard to provide the best service and become the number one company that rewards customers with satisfaction.

These areBusiness Line

Manufacturing / Distribution / Import and Export / Design

SegiBiz, which has been leading the domestic electricity manufacturing industry since 1991, is introducing products that boast the best quality with accumulated know-how. Furthermore, we are striving to play a leading role as a company encompassing distribution, import, and design.
We are continuing to grow through product development and quality enhancement. In addition, we are accumulating core technologies in the field of electrical materials through a company-affiliated research center.
Offline and online store [BizMarket] We distribute and supply various electric materials through bizmarket operation.
Import and Export
We export our own products to overseas markets, and in addition to our own products, we import good products from the global market and supply them at home and abroad.
Through its subsidiary ilooksdesign, we focus on instilling good image and reliability, and provide designs that satisfy customers with high-quality products.

Segibiz’sManagement Policy

  • Challenge We will be a technology-leading Company with challenging spirit.
  • Human We will treat our customers with respect and gratitude.
  • Change We will actively react to quick market change with our always-prepared attiude
  • Environment We will make the best quality products suitable for future environment.



Introduction of Characters Representing Segibiz

It was made in the process of producing pin boxes, but unlike general pin boxes, it was in danger of being collected as defective products. He called himself a robot pinbox and made himself a character of segibiz.

Personality: He thinks he is special and believes that he has magical abilities, but he has no other abilities. He is sociable and has infinite positivity.

It can only be assumed that it was born in the same way as ROPIN. Lofin’s best friend.

Personality: With a slight princess’s disease and no special reason, insists that owns ROPIN. Sometimes there is a nasty corner, but a robot that can’t hate because she has a warm heart. I like pretty and cute things, but she especially like iron items.


A cute pet carried by Lopin and Roy, which seems to be a dog and animal by habit.

Personality: A simple character that is just bright, active and all about eating and sleeping! The next thing I like to eat is ROPIN and ROY.





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