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Purpose of the product
  • Used for water coolant in machine tools (CNC machines, milling machines, processing machines, etc.)
  • Removes oil to prevent coolant contamination
  • → Prevent odor (remove contaminants)
  • → Improve coolant replacement cycle and save cost
  • For oil stains on processed products
  • → Save labor and cost for cleaning processed products
  • Suitable for installation in narrow spaces

The Oil Skimmer is a device designed to remove suspended oil from the liquid surface and is used in a variety of applications, such as oil spill response, machine tool coolant, and oil removal from water wash, as part of the water treatment system, depending on the design.

  • Product name : Oil Skimmer
  • Product Size : 01 / 02 / 03

Product Specifications
  • 1. Body
    • ① COVER removal type
    • ② Color : Black (Other colors: Specific color designated by user)
  • 2.Driving Unit
    • ① GEARED MOTOR : 25W GEAR RATIO 1 : 100
           Fastened to the geared motor to drive the belt
            Supports tension and return for the belt
  • 3.BELT
    • ① PVC BELT(BLUE)
    • ② BELT Width : 50mm
    • ③ Full Belt Length : 1040mm
    • ① STEEL (1.6 t)
    • ② Scrapper for the front of the belt
  • 5. Total weight of oil skimmer body: 9.2kg


Precautions for Use

1.Because some parts may become damaged by impact to the product, take care to avoid external shock.

2.Remodeling is not possible as it may cause damage or affect performance.

3.Special attention is required because any moisture damage to this model may cause safety accidents.

4.Please make sure that the power of the motor is appropriate first before supplying power.

5.All parts shall be fixed and tightened perfectly before

6.Make sure to wash off any contaminants from the skin during installation, repairing, and inspection.

7.Keep away from objects that may cause damage or deformation on the belt area.

8.Be careful that gloves and clothes are not stuck in the pulley during product operation. Make sure to turn off power and wear gloves when inspection and repair is required.

9.Electric connection and disconnection must be done by qualified personnel.

10.If oil is pooled on the floor, make sure that it does not overflow from the waste oil tank. Always make sure that the environment surrounding the product is clean. Otherwise, a slippery floor may cause safety accidents.

11.The oil and water separator in this product is required to filter waste oil out; a designated product must be used.

12.Do not neglect the product when it is at high temperature because some parts of this product can be damaged by heat.




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