Device Net Signal Tower Light

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  • Device Net Signal Tower Light
  • Direct connection to network without separated I/O terminal for device net
  • Convenient to install and easy to maintain due to the smaller installation space and reduced wires.
  • Controlled by PLC device net master
  • Set the address (MAC ID) and communication speed with built in DIP switch
  • Supports all communication speeds (125kbps, 250kbps, 500kbps)in device net, and also supports automatic speed setting for convenient use.
  • Maximum volume : 90dB (it may be measured lower than the actual decibel depending on the surroundings)
  • Size : Ø58
  • Materials: LENS [GPPS] / Body[ABS] / Reflector[PC] / POLE[Aluminum]
  • Operating Temperature : -25℃ ~ +50℃


Product specifications


  • Ø58mm Device Net Signal Tower Light
  • Timbre : Buzzer
  • Steady Type / DC24V Only
  • Color :
    • 1 layer : (1L) RED (R) ●
    • 2 layer : (1L) RED (R) ● (2L) Green (G) ●
    • 3 layer : (1L) RED (R) ● (2L) Yellow (Y) ● (3L) Green (G) ●
    • 4 layer : (1L) RED (R) ● (2L) Yellow (Y) ● (3L) Green (G) ● (4L) BLUE (B) ●
    • 5 layer : (1L) RED (R) ● (2L) Yellow (Y) ● (3L) Green (G) ● (4L) BLUE (B) ● (5L) WHITE (W) ○
  • Color moving by layer is possible
  • Mount using the exclusive bracket
■ AUT-DN Device Net Signal Tower Light
Model Layer Voltage Height Weight(g)
Device Net
1 layer ((R) ●) DC 24V 210.5mm 368g
2 layer ( (R) ●, (G) ●) 252mm 405g
3 layer ( (R) ●,(Y) ●, (G) ●) 293.5mm 442g
4 layer ( (R) ●,(Y) ●, (G) ●,(B) ●) 335mm 479g
5 layer ( (R) ●,(Y) ●, (G) ●,(B) ● (w) ○ ) 379.5mm 516g
Device Net?
Advantages of Device Net Signal tower

Direct connection to network with built-in device net communication function (power line and signal line are integrated into single cable )

  • Saved space
  • Reduced wiring
  • Convenient installation & maintenance

Device net is a field bus for easy access among control devices such as PLC, PC, sensor, and actuator. Saves wiring cost, reduces the potential for wiring errors, is easy to maintain, and can be used for real-time control. It is CAN-based and strong on noise. As it allows mutual access among devices from different vendors, it enables more economical system establishment. Can remove a connected device from the network without stopping the whole network. An open style field that is used for a wide range of purposes.

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